Certified Instructors

Rafaella DeGracia aka Anais Fatale

Creator of Shimmy Chic

Anais has an immense passion for belly dance and wants to share it with the world. Upon creating Shimmy Chic Fitness, it has been her goal to train instructors to teach her format all over the world! Anais is a Certified ACE Group Fitness Instructor has over 8 years of dance teaching experience, and has been training students to become professional dancers and instructors. She has had the honor to appear on the web reality show Project Belly Dance Season 2, and perform in Jillina's Belly Dance Evolution Show in Miami and Boston. She can not wait for everyone to Shimmy Into Shape with Shimmy Chic Fitness!

Lacy Alexandra

Certified in 2014 | Jacksonville, FL

Lacy Alexandra fell in love with belly dance after taking her first class in 2005. She has since trained with many of the world’s top belly dance instructors in several different styles, perfecting her technique along the way. Lacy has a great passion for teaching and for performing. This is because she gets to share her love of this beautiful art form and all it’s benefits with many people.  She has a background in massage and bodywork therapies and Pilates and currently holds certifications in Yoga (RYT200hr) and Shimmy Chic Fitness.  As a professional belly dancer, Lacy has participated in several dance competitions in and around Florida, winning two 1st place awards as a member of her troupe Hipfinity in 2011. She specializes in Egyptian, Oriental, Cabaret and Fusion styles of belly dance and enjoys dancing with the many props that have become popular in modern belly dance performance.  In addition to teaching a full schedule of belly dance and fitness classes during the week, she regularly performs on the weekends at local middle eastern establishments, themed parties, weddings, and charity/fundraiser events. 

“So many women are discovering this dance and its culture and all the benefits it has to offer. I am incredibly grateful that I get to share my experience with them and do what I love!”


Certified in 2015 | Savannah, GA

Yavanna has been dancing ever since she can remember; starting with ballet, tap and gymnastics, but her true love is for belly dance. She has studied belly dance since high school, when she initially started taking it for low-impact fitness while she recovered from a sports injury. Since then, she has intensely studied the history, culture and music of middle eastern dance as well as the movements. She has been a regular performer at several restaurants in and around the Savannah, GA and Hilton Head areas while continuing to study full-time with world champion dancer Jennifer of Orlando. She has taken from several other top names in the field and attends many workshops and competitions throughout the year to keep up with the latest trends and constantly pushes herself to improve. She also holds a degree in Art History and Illustration from Moore College of Art and Design and resides in Savannah, GA with her husband, baby son, three dogs and a cat. A fitness and dance devotee, she can't wait to bring Shimmy Chic to her area to help women get fit, feel great about themselves and fall in love with the ancient art of belly dance.


Certified in 2015 | Flagler County, FL

Sadira is a solo belly dance artist who combines her love of Middle Eastern dance with her passion for Latin culture, she displays her unique blend of dance fusion in both solo and troupe pieces. She has been Latin dancing since she was a child and began belly dancing with several troupes in N. & Central Florida in early 2008. In 2010, she started belly dancing as a solo artist, regularly performing at restaurants in the area as well as teaching youth and beginner belly dance classes. Since her belly dance journey began she has also taken workshops with some of the top names in belly dance {both in oriental and tribal styles} making her a versatile dancer. Sadira is currently enrolled at Florida Tribal Dance in Orlando, FL. where she currently studies Tribal Fusion under the direction of Lacey Sanchez. She is a former student of, ATS® instructor, Gina Marie of Belili Moon and former member of Blue Lotus Bellydance, a Fat Chance sister studio. Because she has also been a professional Model since early 2007, over time she adopted clean eating habits as well as a passion for staying in shape through belly dance and pilates; thus her interest in becoming a certified Shimmy Chic Fitness instructor. Email her at sadira.bellydancer@yahoo.com for information about classes in the Flagler County area.

Donna Barnhart

Certified in 2015 | Jesup, GA

Donna Barnhart is a Principal’s Secretary/Bookkeeper at an elementary school in

Georgia.  She fell in love with and became involved with belly dance over thirty

years ago.  But with raising a family and work, it got put on the back burner.  Now

she is ready to get back into this beautiful and graceful art form.  Donna has

been involved with physical fitness most of her life and is passionate about it and believes the best form of exercise is dance.  She is a Licensed Zumba Instructor, a Licensed Step Instructor and also teaches Pilates and Pilates Fit Ball.  Donna is very excited to have recently certified as a Shimmy-Chic Instructor and is currently offering classes in Jesup, GA.  For more details, email Donna at dbarnhart3@msn.com

LaTrisha Allen (aka Raqs Razi)

Atlanta, GA

Razi began her Bellydance journey in 2001 as a method of fitness. Since then she has fallen in love with the music and art involved with all things Bellydance and regularly taking classes, workshops, and intensives. She has performed in restaurants, parties, weddings, galas, and stage productions and is knowledgeable in Turkish, Tribal/Fusion, and Modern Egyptian with her first love being American Cabaret.  She has taught Bellydance classes in Savannah, GA and Tallahassee, Fl and is honored to become Atlanta, GA’s first certified shimmy-chic fitness instructor. She hopes she can help people find and or continue their fitness journey with shimmy-chic fitness!

Lindsy Lev

Certified in 2015 | Dallas, Texas

Lindsy Lev is an Egyptian style belly dancer who began her dance journey as a teenager in San José, Costa Rica. She is a member of the Dalida belly dance troupe based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and performs regularly both with the troupe and as a soloist. Lindsy is also enrolled in a Masters and Equivalency program in Music Therapy at Texas Woman's University. She is proud to be the first Shimmy Chic instructor in Texas, and looks forward to helping people Shimmy Into Shape around the Big D! 

Melissa Jackson

Certified in 2015 | Melbourne, FL

Melissa has been enamored with bellydancing since 2001. Her studies have included  Salimpour, Oriental, Turkish, Tribal and Tribal Fusion ( fusion of yoga, hip hop, and ballet) One can catch performances at staged shows, private parties as well as civic events. Melissa (or The Missy) has been teaching belly dance in the Melbourne area with regular classes as well as private classes for the past several years.  As a 200 RYT with Yoga Alliance, Melissa does her best to encourage ladies of all shapes and sizes to become friends with their own bodies and dismiss the negativity that many find by modern social standards. Since adding the Shimmy Chic Certification, this format is a low impact fitness exercise that every body can do, become excited about, feel pretty as well as getting in a "work out" that leaves everyone smiling. It is amazing to watch how self confidence returns only after a class or two. Currently, Melissa is teaching at the Cocoa YMCA as well as in Melbourne.  For more information please email Melissa at SerpentineMovement@gmail.comfor any questions and class information.

Leona Harter

Certified in 2015 | Jesup, GA

Leona Harter is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher, and a Certified Holistic Health Coach. Her love of belly dancing, along with her passion for teaching, recently led her to certify as a Shimmy Chic Instructor also. Leona believes every woman should feel phenomenal about herself. Shimmy Chic Fitness is a great way for women of all backgrounds, fitness levels, and abilities, to increase their self-confidence and health through an ancient art that empowers women and brings them back to their true selves. Leona is currently offering classes in Jesup, GA. For more details, email Leona at info@leonaharter.com, or visit her website at www.acupuncturejesup.com.

Michele Skinner

Certified in 2016 | Jacksonville, FL

After years of using her back surgery as an excuse for not being active, Michele had gained 50 pounds, was on high blood pressure medicine, and started to have other health issues.  So in 2012 she and a friend decided to try belly dancing as an alternative way to get exercise.  What was supposed to be a 6-week beginner class turned into a passion for dance and she loves learning as much as she can about the various styles, techniques, and cultures.  She is now the Chair of the Health & Wellness committee at work and decided to get certified as a Shimmy Chic Fitness instructor in order to teach classes as a way to help other women get active and stay healthy.  She hosts a monthly “active” networking event at Bank of America, where employees can expand their networks while reducing their waists!

Alaina Kaiser

Certified in 2014 | Manchester, UK

Bio coming soon!

Liz Rizzolo

Certified in 2014 | Jacksonville, FL

Liz Rizzolo has been bellydancing for nearly ten years. She has studied with many world renowned bellydancers including Tamlalyn Dallal, Sahra Saeeda, and Sadie. In addition to her career as a high school special education teacher, she is the founding artistic director of St. Augustine Bellydance. She is excited to bring Shimmy Chic Fitness to St. Augustine, Fla.! Fall classes will be announced soon! Visit her website atwww.StAugustineBellyDance.com

Stela Gutierrez

Certified in 2015 | Jacksonville, FL

Bio Coming Soon!

Joy Komalabhuti

Certified in 2015 | Jacksonville, FL

Joy is originally from Thailand. Her mom worked for the United Nations so she travelled around throughout her childhood and has found home in many different places throughout her lifel. Places including Africa , Israel, New York, Hawaii and Florida.  She started belly dancing over a year ago and has never stopped. Over time of about three months into dancing and practicing especially in Shimmy Chic fitness and healthy eating she has lost about 45 pounds. Not only did she fill with confidence and determination, but she also became a shimmy chic instructor. She has been so fortunate to learn from the amazing belly dance instructors of Anais belly Dance studio. As a Shimmy Chic instructor, she is very honored to share that similar experience that has been so greatly rewarding for her. Running her own restaurant with her fiancé is very stressful, but being able to dance after all the stress of the day makes her life a whole lot better. So come and let's all experience that Joy of dance and relieve that stress together. Learn to embrace your curves!

Clara LeBlanc

Certified in 2015 | Jacksonville, FL

Clara is co-owner of inShape Ladies Fitness and is Certified in Group fitness, Yoga, Aerial, Pole, Bokwa,Pilates and Life Management. She has always had a passion for Belly Dance and is excited to add Shimmy Chic Fitness to her class offerings. Bringing the joy of Dance and fitness together is Clara's passion and Shimmy Chic is the perfect combination. She feels it helps women find their inner beauty and strength.


Certified in 2014 | Jacksonville, FL

Mahira has been studying belly dance since 2002. She has attended numorus workshops with some of the top names of belly dance providing her a foundation in many styles.  She began teaching in the Fernandina Beach area, "To share this wonderful art form with as many as possible."  She has performed at restaurants, staged shows, private parties, and civic events. She is excited to have recently certified as a Shimmy-Chic instructor and is currently offering classes in Fernandina Beach and Yulee. For more details e-mail Mahira atmahiradancer@hotmail.com

Vielka Garcia

Certified in 2014 | Jacksonville, FL

Vielka began Belly Dancing  approximately 12 yrs ago, and since then has  been training with skilled instructors and performing in shows in both her home country Dominican Republic and in Jacksonville, FL. She is also passionate about fitness, and that is the reason why she decided to become a certified Shimmy Chic Fitness instructor. She hopes to share and inspire her passion for Belly Dancing, and help others achieve their fitness goals. Let’s shimmy!!  


Megan Crawford

Certified in 2015 | Jacksonville, FL

Megan is an experienced dancer with training in many styles of dance, including ballet, modern, contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, bollywood, West African, and, last but not least, belly dance. Not only has she danced with FSCJ DanceWORKS, Paradigm Flux Dance Company, and Braided Light Dance Project in Jacksonville, Florida, she will also be making a new home for herself in Orlando Florida very soon and is excited to pursue multiple opportunities to grow as a dancer and performing artist. As soon as Megan started taking up belly dancing, she noticed that her capabilities in other styles of dance grew and improved tremendously. It is her belief that Shimmy Chic has tremendous potential to help dancers with 

improving their core strength, stamina, and confidence as performers. Megan is looking forward to teaching Shimmy Chic in Orlando and sharing her love for it with the abundant belly dance community within the city.

Lisa Myers

Certified in 2014 | Jacksonville, FL

Lisa Myers has been involved with bellydance since 1998. Her studies have included cabaret, turkish, oriental, folkloric and tribal styles as well as middle eastern percussion. Her performance work includes restaurants, staged shows, private parties, dance conventions and civic events. She has taught bellydance classes in Melbourne, Orlando and Jacksonville. She recently certified as a Shimmy-Chic instructor and is currently offering classes in Riverside and will be announcing other locations and classes soon. Check back later for more details or email Lisa atjustlisa50@gmail.co


Certified in 2015 |Jacksonville, FL

Anadonis is a proponent of the world of dance with a history of ballet, jazz, ecstatic/free form and go-go, although her primary passion lies in belly dance. She has been studying belly dancing since 2005 on her own and under the wisdom of instructors. Her featured forms of dance are tribal fusion, cabaret and Egyptian. She has performed for various belly dance and drumming events throughout Florida for a few years, and is always seeking to further her abilities. She is also an active Florida Licensed Massage Therapist, as well as an Ecstatic Dance facilitator. As a Shimmy Chic instructor, she is very excited to offer a gateway into the world of belly dance through a fun and challenging workout for women. Her upmost desire is for women to integrate with their bodies through the beautiful tradition of belly dance and Shimmy Chic. “This is more than a fitness class; it is a fun and energetic environment promoting the development of one’s body, rhythm, and wellness. I am exhilarated to be able to offer Shimmy Chic for other women who are seeking a change in their workout routine and lifestyle.” 

Oriana Brooks

Mind Body and Spirit Spa and Studio in Aripeka, FL

Oriana has been performing in the Tampa Bay area since 2007 and teaching bellydance since 2011.  Specializing in the Classical Egyptian and Modern Oriental styles, she enjoys competing and coaching students to reach their fullest potential.  She is also the director of Midnight Lotus Dance Company; which focuses on building connections within the Middle Eastern dance community in Tampa Bay, engaging in philanthropic interdisciplinary opportunities as well as bringing together aspiring performers to help them reach their goals.

Katherine Kim

Certified in 2015 | Jacksonville, FL

Bio Coming Soon!

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